Sylvan Z+ (Premium Plywood)

Sylvan Z+ BWP grade ply with lifetime guarantee (BIS Standard)

Sylvan Z+ has been considered as one of the most profitable products from Sylvan Ply. The product has several uses, which has allocated it as one of the most satisfying commodity for the consumers. Imported High-density Timber fabricates the product with high density and thickness, which provides better durability and dimensional stability. The 1 mm thickness of the product not only lasts long but can also be reused by the consumer.The product assures a 100% borer and termite free service with a lifelong warranty against any manufacturing defects.

End Uses:

  • Ship floor
  • Boat building
  • Paneling in bulkheads
  • Lining for refrigerated ships
  • Cooling towers


  • Imported High-density Timber
  • Face thickness of 1 mm
  • Tenderized composed core treated in impregnation plant
  • Hydroxybenzene base adhesive
  • Long panels for better durability
  • 100% borer and termite resistant
  • High quality preservatives
  • Warranted for life Furniture
  • Wall paneling
  • Ceilings
  • Cabinet
  • Partitions