Sylvan Gateway Flush Door Premium Pinewood IS : 2202


Sylvan gateway (Flush Door) a quality product from the house of SYLVAN PLY. Sylvan gateway premium pinewood is a premium product made from high density and high fibrous pinewood and selected core veneers. The layers are boned with Phenol Formaldehyde resin and glue lines protector. The resin is manufactured at Sylvan Ply’s own resin plant as per IS – 848: 2000 using high-tech manufacturing facilities. Stringent quality control measures at each stage of the process ensure high durability and dimensional stability. The quality to produce sturdy & long lasting door confirming to IS – 2202 ( Pt.1)

End Uses:

  • Doors

Uniqueness of Sylvan Door:

  • Selected species as per BIS specification.
  • Mechanized manufacturing process.
  • High density and high fibrous Pinewood.
  • 100 % chemical treated & seasoned as per BIS specification.
  • High dimensional stability strength.
  • No warping and bending.
  • Smooth surface.
  • High shock and buckling resistance.
  • Zero deflection in flexure and edge loading.
  • Warranted against borer and termites attacks.

Technical Specifications

Thickness Tolerance

The dimension of nominal width & height within a limited of ± 5 mm and thickness ± 1 mm.

Moisture Content

10 % – 15 %.

Water Resistance

72 hrs. Of boiling.

Adhesion of plies

EXCELENT. ( After water resistance test)

Water absorption

< 1 %.

Preservative Treatment

BORIC ACID solution as per BIS specification.

Density of Door

0.75gm/cm3 to 0.85 gm/cm3

Screw Holding Strength

always above 1000 N.


All test done as per BIS specification to confirm IS – 2202 (Pt. 1 )