Sylvan BWP Grade Fire Retardant Ply

Sylvan BWP Grade Fire Retardant Ply

The Sylvan Ply product of Sylvan BWP grade fire retardant ply is a perfect blend of fire-retardant and non-leachable properties, which has made it one of the top favourites among all other products. This commercial ply is also resistant to fungi, insects as well as pin-hole borers. As per IS:5509 specifications, the hardwood panels undergo vacuum-cum-pressure impregnation which leads to a special chemical composition. In an unfortunate event of a fire, this unique composition helps to form a protective char. This fire-retardant ply has been tested and thus, proven to be resistant to immediate ignition, spreading of flames on the surface and flame penetration. Its low-flammable feature makes this plywood an exemplary option for a wide number of uses such as in kitchens, public food stalls, exhibition stalls, where it reduces the chances of major repercussions in case of any fire. Furthermore, its attribute of superior dimensional stability in adverse environments makes this variety of plywood one of the top choices for home and office interiors.

End Uses:

  • Room and wall lining
  • Public food stalls
  • Boiler houses
  • Railway coaches
  • Partition paneling
  • Auditoriums
  • Exhibition stalls
  • Kitchens
  • Office cubicles
  • Vehicle bodies/interiors


  • Low flammability and smoke generation
  • Low additional cost
  • Can be machine cut with ordinary tools
  • Permits overlaying, lamination or painting
  • Non-hygroscopic: Does not corrode
  • Three tier preservative treatment for deeper penetration
  • Resists fungi, termites, and borers
  • Dimensionally stable in adverse environments
  • Resists for ignition, surface spread, and penetration
  • Leach-resistant: fire retardant chemical will not wash out
  • Formaldehyde emission within acceptable norms

Technical Specifications

Moisture Content


Glue Shear Strength (kg)


Water Resistance Test (kg)

>115 (when tested after 8 hours boiling)

Mycological Test (kg)


Adhesion of plies


Preservative Treatment

>CCP treatment

Bending Strength (kg/cm² )


Tensile Strength (kg/cm² )


Flammability Test

>40 minutes

Flame Penetration Test

>35 minutes

Rate of Burning*: When tested for standard 12-mm thickness

>40 minutes

Specific Gravity


Hygroscopicity (Kept at about 90% Relative Humidity for a Fortnight)


Screw Holding Strength (kg)


Nail Holding Strength (kg)


Retention of fire-retardant chemicals (kg/ )