Sylvan Blu MR Ply IS : 303

Sylvan Blu MR Ply IS : 303

With excellent features like high longevity and mechanical strength, Sylvan Ply takes great pride in its product of Sylvan Blu MR grade ply. This highly durable plywood is a well-favoured product due to its multitude of attributes which includes unmatched screw holding capacity, nail holding strength, uniform thickness and much more. Apart from freedom from warping, it is also resistant to termites and borers.

Uniqueness :

  • Standard Thickness
  • MUF Grade Resin
  • Imported High-density Timber
  • Free from Termite and Borer
  • Stress and Warp Free
  • High load bearing
  • High internal bond strength

Technical Specifications


upto 4mm ± 10% and Above 4mm ±5%

Moisture Content

8 to 12%

Mycological Test

>800 N

Glue Shear Strength (dry)

>1000 N

Glue Shear Strength (Wet)

>800 N.( after 3hrs.60 degree centregade)

Along The face Grain

>4000 N/mm²

Across The Face Grain

>2000 N/mm²

Along The Face Grain

>30 N/mm²

Across The Face Grain

>15 N/mm²

Specific Gravity

0.60 to 0.65 gms/cm³

Screw Holding Strength (kg)


Nail Holding Strength (kg)


Water Absorption