Sylvan Blu BWR Ply IS : 303

Sylvan Blu BWR Ply IS : 303

Sylvan Blu BWR grade ply is the ideal product for the daily use, both in the house and in the office. The brilliant texture of the ply has been crafted by the remarkable quality of Imported High-density Timber, which has provided it high durability. Sylvan Ply has used phenol formaldehyde resin to shape the product with a unique glue line protection technique. The product has been particularly designed to have high strength, therefore it can be used for daily purposes. The high-density ply not only resists fungus, termites, and borers but also outlasts the moisture around, which extends the longevity of the ply.

End Users :

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Speaker cabinets
  • False ceilings
  • Bedrooms
  • Partitions

Uniqueness :

  • Imported High-density Timber
  • Tenderised composed core
  • Unique glue line protection formula
  • More number of plies for more strength
  • Warranted against borer and termite attacks
  • High density imported timber

Technical Specifications


Upto 4mm ± 10% and Above 4mm ±5%

Moisture Content

8 to 10%

Mycological Test

>1000 N

Glue Shear Strength (dry)


Glue Shear Strength (wet)

>1000N . (after 72hrs . Boiling)

Along The Face Grain

>5000 N/mm²

Along The Face Grain

>2500 N/mm²

Along The Face Grain

>40 N/mm²

Across The Face Grain

>20 N/mm²

Specific Gravity

0.70 to 0.75 gms/cm³

Screw Holding Strength


Nail Holding Strength (kg)


Water Absorption


Preservative Treatment

A . ACC Treatment. B . ACC Treatment


Adhesion of Plies


Water Resistance

8hrs, Boiling and 16 hrs dry 65 ± 2degree centre grade 3 cycles