Sylvan Block Board IS : 1659

Sylvan Block Board IS : 1659

Sylvan Ply has introduced the ideal product for home and office furniture, partitions and shutters by manufacturing Sylvan BWP grade block board. The chemically treated and seasoned imported pine wood is processed in the own factory of Sylvan Ply, where it gets the shape of the boards. It has been specifically manufactured with an excellent nail holding capacity that allows the block board to be assembled into any furniture. The company provides a warranty on the termite and borer resistance capability of the plywood.

End Users :

  • Furniture

  • Partitons

  • Racks & sheleves

  • Shutters

Uniqueness :

  • 100% imported pine wood

  • Chemically treated and seasoned

  • High dimensional stability strength

  • Warranted against borer and termite attacks

Technical Specifications

Thickness Tolerance ±5%
Moisture Content 10 to 12%
Water Resistance >72 hrs.
MOE (Modulus of Elasticity) >> 5000 N/mm²
MOR (Modulus of Rupture) >>50 N/mm²
Specific Gravity >0.65 to 0.70 gms/cm³
Screw Holding Strength(kg) >>100
Nail Holding Strength (kg) >>50
Water Absorption <1%
Preservative Treatment B/ B.A treatment in battons
Adhesion of Plies (kg)>Excellent.(after 72hrs.Boiling.)