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Z+ Premium Plus Ply

Z+ Premium Plus Ply is considered to be an exclusive product from Sylvan Ply, manufactured in accordance with IS : 710 & 5509. The multiuse of the product makes it one of the most preferred brands in the market. Imported high-density timber adds extra density and thickness to the product, which provides better durability and dimensional stability. This ply is boiling waterproof, which extends the longevity of the ply. Z Plus premium plus ply is proven to be resistant to immediate ignition, spreading of flames on the surface, and flame penetration. Its low-flammable feature makes this plywood an exemplary option for a wide number of uses such as in kitchens, public food stalls, exhibition stalls, etc.

End Usage

Ship Floor

Boat Building

Panelling in Bulkheads

Lining for Refrigerated Ships

Cooling Towers

Wall Panelling


  • Hexadic calibrated tech (6 times) for mirror quality smooth finish
  • Anti fungal and anti bacteria coating
  • Formaldehyde Emission level: E1 as per European standard
  • 15 layered ply for 19 mm (Additional 2 layers for more bonding &strenght)
  • 13 layered ply for 16 mm (Additional 2 layers for more bonding &strenght)
  • 11 layered ply for 12 mm (Additional 2 layers for more bonding &strenght)
  • Imported High-density timber
  • Face thickness of 1 mm
  • Double Tenderized composed core treated in impregnation plant
  • Hydroxybenzene base adhesive
  • Long panels for better durability
  • Fully preservative treated for borer, termite and fungus
  • Low flammability and smoke generation
  • Three-tier preservative treatment for deeper penetration
  • Resists for ignition, surface spread, and penetration
  • Leach-resistant: fire retardant chemical will not wash out
  • High-quality preservatives
  • Long core
  • Face – Gurjan
  • Core -Gurjan
  • Calibrated core

Weight:  45kg+ for 19mm (8×4 basis) for plywood

Moisture Content:  8 to 12%

Glue shear Strength (in dry): Above 180 kgf

                                  (In wet): Above 160 kgf

Tensile Strength:  Above 550 kgf/cm2 (in face grain)

                              Above 450 kgf/cm2 (in the right

angle to the face grain)

Sum of value:  Above 1050 kgf/cm2

Static bending strength MOE (Modulus of Elasticity):

Above 8500 N/mm2 (along the face grain)

Above 5000 N/mm2 (across the face grain)

MOR (Modulus of Rupture): Above 70 N/mm2

                                              (along the face grain)

                                              Above 50 N/mm2

                                              (across the face grain)

Screw holding strength:  Above 350 kgf

Nail holding strength:  Above 150 kgf

Swell in water after 8 hours:  Less than 1%

Mycological strength:  Excellent

Retention of preservation:  More than 15 kg/m3

Preservative:  A.C.C Fixed Type

Flammability test:  >40 minutes

Flame penetration test:  >35 minutes

Rate of burning*: when tested for

standard 12-mm thickness:  >40 minutes

Hygroscopicity (kept at about 90% relative humidity for

a fortnight):  >12-14%

Retention of fire-retardant chemicals (kg/m3):  >70-80

4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm

  • As Per warranty Certificate


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