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BLU Blockboard

Sylvan BLU BWP grade block board is manufactured by the fiber enriched imported hard wood timber. The product is brilliantly produced with a high density and uniform thickness. It doesn’t allow warping and also resists the invasion of termites and borers. Sylvan Ply has modified the block board with high mechanical strength, so it can be used for various strength bearing purposes, without bending under any wood working condition. The product is entirely ineffective to moisture or water, which prolongs the longevity of it.

End Usage



  • Calibrated tech
  • Anti fungal and anti bacteria coating
  • Formaldehyde Emission level: E1 as per European stranded
  • Borer, and termite resistant
  • Imported hardwood timber
  •  BWP Grade Resin IS- 848:2006
  •  Face: hardwood
  • Core: hardwood
  •  Glue – phenol formaldehyde
  •  Fillers: hardwood fillers
  • Face thickness – 0.3mm
16mm | 19mm | 25mm
  • Any manufacturing defects as per warranty certificate


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