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Robusta Premium Blockboard

Robusta Premium Blockboard manufactured in accordance with IS : 1659, is the ideal product for home and office furniture, partitions, and shutters. The chemically treated and seasoned imported pine wood is processed in the own factory of Sylvan Ply, having an excellent nail holding capacity that allows the Blockboard to be assembled into any furniture with ease. This ply is boiling waterproof, which extends the longevity of the ply.

End Usage




Racks & Shelves

  • Tetrad calibrated tech (4 times) for smooth finish
  • Anti fungal and anti bacteria coating
  • Formaldehyde Emission level: E1 as per European stranded
  • Fully preservative treated for borer,and termite proof
  • 100% New Zealand pine wood
  • Seasoned Timber
  • High dimensional stability & strength
  • Core – Gurjan/UC/other High-density hardwood
  • Calibrated core

Thickness tolerance                : ±5%

Moisture content                      : 10 to 12%

Water resistance                        : >72 hrs.

MOE (Modulus of Elasticity)   : >5000 N/mm2

MOR (Modulus of Rupture)    : >50 N/mm2

Density                                     : >0.45 gms/cm3

Screw holding strength (kgf)  : >100

Nail holding strength (kgf)      : >50

Water absorption                      : <1%

Preservative treatment           :B/B.A treatment in


Adhesion of plies                    : (kgf) > excellent

                                                  (After 72hrs. boiling)

16mm | 19mm | 25mm
  • As per warranty certificate


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