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Premium Club Ply

Premium Club Ply is manufactured in accordance with IS:10701 structural grade, by using the finest quality of imported timber. The layers are bonded with an undiluted phenol-formaldehyde resin. This variety of plywood withstands everything from alternative wetting and drying to the harmful effects of saline seawater and microorganisms. It is used widely in the shipbuilding industry.

End Usage

Ship Floor

Boat Building

Panelling in Bulkheads

Lining for Refrigerated Ships

Cooling Towers

Wall Panelling



  • Quinate calibrated tech (5 times) for smooth finish
  • Anti fungal and anti bacteria coating
  • Formaldehyde Emission level: E1 as per European stranded
  • Fully preservative treated for borer, termite, and fungus
  • Imported high-density timber
  • Chemically treated Composed Core & veneers
  • Long Core
  • Face – Gurjan or equivalent
  • Core – Gurjan /UC/ other high-density imported core /
  • Calibrated core for a smooth finish
  • Face 0.5mm+
  • Glue – Hydroxybenzene base adhesive
  • A Bond type of glue bond makes it perfect for any permanent
  • Structural and engineering application.

Density: above 0.70 gm/cm3

Thickness tolerance: up to 4 mm ± 10% above 4 mm ± 5%

Moisture content: 8 to 10%

Mycological test: complies with the requirement

Glue shear strength (Dry state):1660 N

Preservative: acid copper chrome composition

Glue shear strength (Wet state): 1400 N

Adhesion of plies: Excellent

Tensile strength: Above 480 Kgf /cm2 (In face grain)

Above 375 Kgf /cm2 (In right angle to face grain)

Sum of Value: Above 960 kgf/cm2

Static Bending Strength MOE: Above 7800N/mm2

                                                   (Along the face grain)

                                                     Above 4600 N/mm2

                                                  (Across the face grain)

MOR: Above 60N/mm2

                                                   (Along the face grain)

                                                     Above 48 N/mm2

                                                  (Across the face grain)

Screw holding Strength: Above 300 Kgf

Nail holding strength: Above 120 Kgf

Retention of preservation: Above 12Kg/m3

Wet bending strength: MOE: Above 4800N/mm2

                                                   (Along the face grain)

                                                     Above 3600 N/mm2

                                                  (Across the face grain)

MOR: Above 45N/mm2

                                                   (Along the face grain)

                                                     Above 34 N/mm2

                                                  (Across the face grain)

4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16 mm, 19mm, 25mm
  • As per warranty certificate


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