How to Veneer with Plywood – Useful Tips to Help You

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Plywood is a form of manufactured wood panel created by gluing of veneers with each other. The layers are attached to ply wood grain at 90 ° to each other. Veneers are thin wood slices that may be peeled off easily, and these are generally less than one-eighth of an inch in thickness. Plywood is generally composed of 3 veneer layers or more. It is essential to veneer with plywood in a proper way.

Tips for Veneering with Plywood

You need only minimal amount of surface preparation for veneering with plywood. Here are some assistive tips to help you:

  • Use a tack cloth to clean up the surface.
  • Follow the directions (if any) provided along with contact cement, in case you are using that process.
  • When it comes to applying veneer over plywood, it is recommended that you follow these steps:
  • Use yellow glue or white glue, hot or cold press and a vacuum. The white glue should have low amount of filler for preventing problems with products. Unless you can access a press, make use of contact cement with high quantity of solids. Always abide by the directions given by the adhesive manufacturer.
  • Next, use water-base finishes and achieve a veneer finish.
  • Lay the veneer out for readying. Use a plastic covering on it at all times.
  • Adhesive is required by wood veneer for strong bonding. Use a second coat for veneering.
  • After each adhesive coating, allow enough time for drying. Let the glue dry completely prior to the veneer application. Otherwise, the bonding will be weak and there can be bubbles.
  • Make use of a pinch roller while using contact cement for pressing the veneer to the substrate. In case there is no pinch roller, you may instead use a flexible wood scraper tool.
  • Before you apply the finish, let the adhesive dry for one whole day. Apply the finish in light coats.

How to Veneer the Edge of Plywood?

You may use some basic tools and a wood veneer edge banding roll to cover the edges of raw plywood. This makes the plywood almost impossible to tell apart from solid wood. Generally, iron-on edge banding happens to be wood veneer having the back coated with adhesive. Use a household iron to run it over. Heat the adhesive, and allow it some time to be cooled. Finally, trim its edges.


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