How Do Plywood Doors Compare Against Flush Doors?

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Here’s a look at the comparative study between plywood doors and flush doors. Read on to find out some of the interesting facts that will equip you with the best of information.

For laymen, most doors to be found around seem like plywood doors. However, that is not true. These days, Block board ‘Flush Doors‘ happen to be the preferred option for making most wooden doors. Such kinds of doors have solid, softwood rectangular blocks on the interior, in an end to end arrangement. Both sides of these are covered with an extremely thin ply layer that is around 2.5 mm in thickness. So which of these is better? Here is a comparison of the two with these 3 factors taken in consideration.


Although it is possible – at least in theory – to make a door completely of plywood, it is rarely actually done. This is because long plywood strips are likelier to bend in the middle. Blockboard flush doors, in comparison, generally do not warp in a similar way. While doors made entirely of plywood are rare, flush doors are presently the ones that are presently in favor.


Plywood is generally composed of hardwood that makes the board extremely heavy. Doors made of plywood will be significantly heavier as compared to flush doors having softwood blocks within. It can be much tougher to shift and set up heavier doors, and to operate them during everyday usage.

Flush doors happen to be of two forms – one with a hollow core and another with a solid core. As the name indicates, solid core flush doors contain solid wooden blocks. Hollow core doors are supported by a honeycomb structure and have a hollow interior. Solid core doors tend to be more sound proof and are stronger in form. Most home doors are composed of flush doors with a solid core. Hollow core doors, on the other hand, are regarded as appropriate for creating partitions. The entryways of homes are generally composed of flush doors of BWP grade. BWP is an acronym for Boiling Water Proof, and tends to of exterior-grade water resistantquality.


Plywood is also more expensive as compared to block boards. Thus, the expense of doors entirely made of plywood would be higher as compared to flush doors that are lower in cost. Readymade flush doors are also manufactured by many of the top plywood firms in India. These can be set up easily and do not require any more finishing. These doors can be found in various appealing shades of color and eye-catching designs. Wood veneers of superior grade may also be utilized in the form of an overlay to improve doors’ feel and look.

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