How Do Dissimilar Grades Of Plywood Are Used?

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The grade of the plywood usually determines its quality. Although plywood is being manufactured in a range of grades, some of the most commonly used grade includes MR grade plywood, BWR grade plywood, and Marine grade plywood.  These grades are also referred to as A-grade, B-grade, and C-grade plywood. Each grade of plywood has its own features, offering the required performance to users. They have their own pros and cons, as well. Therefore, knowing the plywood grade will allow you to buy one that will best fit your applications.

  • MR Grade Plywood

MR represents “moisture resistance”, so as the name suggest this grade of plywood has immense resistance to dampness. This plywood is also popularly known as commercial plywood and it is the most sought-after material for making both home, as well as office furniture. Although it is the strongest plywood, it can only be used to make indoor furniture.

  • BWR Grade Plywood

The short form BWR represents ‘Boiling Water Resistant’. It is the most appropriate material that can used effectively to make outdoor furniture. This is for the reason that this grade of plywood has immense resistance to water. It also offers better and long-lasting performance when compared to that the moisture resistant grade plywood. It is the most preferred option of material for making furniture pieces, which are likely to get soaked. This feature makes the plywood the best optional material for making all types of kitchen furniture, including the Kitchen cabinets. However, it is costlier than other plywood grades.

  • BWP Grade Plywood

Those who want to make blockboards they will usually use the BWP or Boiling Water Proof grade of plywood. Blockboards, which are made from this grade of plywood, will have great waterproofing properties.

  • Marine Grade Plywood

This grade of plywood, which is commonly called as Marine ply, has the best quality and strength among all other grades of plywood. It is mostly used for several external nautical applications, including in constructing boats and other woodwork that are to be carried out in ships.

Besides these commonly used grades of plywood, there are also several other different grades of plywood, like flexible plywood, which is most used to make arched furniture. The FR grade of plywood is mostly used to make public furniture, usually in movie theatres, and it has immense resistance to fires.

The structural grade plywood is mostly used in building construction projects and it is denoted as the industrial grade plywood.

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