Don’t Buy Cheap Plywood! Tips To Buy Plywood And Save Money

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‘Plywood is costly’ – won’t you agree to it? Whether you agree or not, it is so. Plywood is more expensive than other varieties of wood like particle boards. Wisely choosing plywood can save a good deal of money.

Comparing the Cost in the First Place

When prices are compared, plywood costs more than MDF or Medium Density Fibre Boards and particle boards. However, plywood furniture pieces are cheaper than quality wooden furniture. As you know, there are different grades of plywood across the market. Among them, interior grade plywood or what is commonly called the Commercial Ply is the cheapest.

Why plywood costs more than the particle boards

Flakes and sawdust, that is, small wood particles which are the by-products of wood cutting are mixed with glue and then firmly hot-pressed to make wooden sheets. This is how particle boards are made. Thus, these boards are quite weak and do not have water resistant ability. Hence, they are not water proof.

Plywood, on the other side, is thin wood slices obtained by peeling logs and rotary cutting. Usually, top quality hardwood is used to make plywood and hence, it is stronger than MDF and particle boards. Moreover, in certain varieties of plywood water resistant quality is increased with the use of phenolic resins. They are, therefore, adequately waterproof.

All these factors make plywood costlier than engineered boards.

Tips to Choose the Right Plywood and Save Money  

  • If it is for indoor furniture, it is ideal to use moisture resistant Commercial plywood. Though they are not water resistant, they can meet the needs of home furniture.
  • For kitchen cabinets and kitchen furniture it is wise to use BWR grade Exterior plywood. Though they are costly, their durability is worth the investment you make. Thus, it saves money in the long run.
  • For home decoration and home furniture, Exterior grade plywood is sufficient.
  • Laminating plywood furniture is a wise decision as it enhances lifespan of the plywood and also prevents water to get in contact with wooden surfaces. Initially, lamination might cost you some bucks, but at the end, the furniture piece will lasts longer.

Check while Buying Plywood in India

  • Look for IS: 303 mark in interior grade plywood (Commercial MR Grade). ISI number of exterior grade plywood is also the same. But, the exterior grade sheets will have BWP or BWR marks in addition.
  • Look for IS: 710 mark in Marine grade plywood sheets
  • Check whether “100% hardwood plywood” is marked on the sheets. Hardwood sheets will be stronger and of good quality.

So, these are certain things that can save your money in plywood sheets despite of being expensive.

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