Battle of Plywood’s – BWR vs Marine

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Plywood is an essential item in the household as well as in commercial uses, so it is critical to choose the correct plywood that suits its needs. Here we will be talking about two such types of plywood that are BWR grade plywood and marine plywood. So let’s find out which plywood is best and for what situations.

BWR grade plywood: BWR stands for boiling water resistant. It is waterproof and used for exterior purposes. Mainly used in furniture making it is a top choice for carpenters. It is good quality plywood used for making kitchen cabinets and other kitchen furniture.

Marine grade plywood:As the name suggests marine this kind of plywood has a lot of durability in harsh weather conditions. It of the most superior quality and it is mainly used in boat making as it can withstand the massive rushes of water. The thing that makes marine plywood stand out is the use of wood veneers and phenolic resins. It is a synthetic plastic resin that forms an excellent waterproofing with increasing the durability of the plywood.

As we have understood the type of plywood we are discussing let’s find out their differences:

                  Marine Grade Plywood                       BWR Grade Plywood
It is of superior quality and more extended durability. Its quality is a bit inferior but better than commercial MR grade plywood.
Greater water resistance as the name suggests marine. Can be submerged in water for about 72 hours without damage. It is alsowaterproof, but waterproofing is a bit less than the marine grade.
Phenol Formaldehyde resin is used,and it is undiluted hence giving better waterproofing. The same phenol-formaldehyde resin is used,but it is diluted;as a result, waterproofing is low.
The marine grade plywood is comparatively costlier. The BWR grade plywood is cheaper the marine grade.
It is specialised for extreme outdoor conditions. Best fit for exterior use but not with harsh weather conditions.
Used in boat building and other marine furniture. It is not suitable for making home furniture. Suitable for making home furniture especially kitchen furniture which is exposed to a lot of water.


So from the above differences, it is clear that both the plywood serve different purposes and can only be judged on its particular application. For building home furniture, BWR grade will be the only choice,and for making boats or other marine items, the marine grade plywood will suit the best requirements.

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